*Leyla Cárdenas Campos . 2023-

project for the exhibition AJNHAJTCLUB
Exhibition in the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Jul 06 thru Sep 04, 2016

"During her research in Vienna, Leyla Cárdenas noticed a contradiction between tradition, monumentality, voids and impermanence. Leyla collected architectural rubbings of embossed bricks, doors and ornaments from the entrances to locations where guestworkers´ clubs (vereins) once existed. While wanting to tell a story that has not been told, she appreciated how difficult this is. What remains as material to work with are only fragments of the past.
The figure of the Telamon/Atlas is often repeated in Vienna´s architecture. These figures are flamboyant and theatrical in performing their task of bearing weight, they act as holders of entire massive constructions. Leyla cast these objects and combined them with other plaques, addresses and names of clubs. Using black cinefoil to redirect light in a poetic gesture, we experience difficulty in seeing the exhibited collection of fragments."
[extract from the curatorial text by Bogomir Doringer.]

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