*Leyla Cárdenas Campos . 2023-

Among the varying types of artists, one of these is the scavenging reconstructionist. Sweeping through nature, they set out into the world and see what they can find. Their’s is an eye for the lost, the disregarded, and the hidden strength of misfits. Salvaging the bereft, along with the metaphors they congeal, artists such as these make compositions from our decomposition. Not only the tragic is brought to light but the possibility within the tragedy as well. Enterprising seagulls wash away the tears from material remains as surely as identifying the refuse washed up upon the shore. Embracing the wasted, a way is paved for renewal. Jennifer Reeves

to withhold is the refusal to give but also to suppress or restrain. Materials:recollected layers of paint held by threads, pins, plexiglass.